Jacinta Price

Your chance to fight back against the woke-left agenda

Every day in the Senate I am fighting for you and the things you care about.

But Anthony Albanese and Labor are hellbent on dividing Australia and implementing their extreme agenda with their mates in the Greens.

While you’re focused on your power bills and cost of living, they’re focused on holding a referendum for an Indigenous “Voice” to Parliament.

They want to enshrine racial division in the constitution and give a platform to a small number of activists who don’t speak for all Indigenous Australians.

And they’ll call you racist if you oppose it.

I need your support to fight back against the woke agenda of the left which is raising power prices, indoctrinating our kids, and dividing us by race.

Tell Labor and the Greens that you want them to get back to real issues by supporting my fighting fund today.