Fight for your right to speak freely

I'm asking for your help to fight for free speech in Australia.

You see, the Left is trying to control what we say and how we think, and it's not right.

They want us silenced so they can get their way without any opposition.

But the truth is that racism will never be solved if people are denied the right to speak up about it.

That's why I'm asking you to sign this letter to the Senate.

By signing the open letter to the Senate you'll be standing up for free speech and against censorship of any kind.

Please sign our open letter below to Parliament calling for greater protections for free speech!

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory


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Dear Senators of the Australian Parliament,


I'm deeply concerned about how left-wing activists are trying to control speech and shut down debate through their woke 'cancel culture'.

They say they’re trying to protect the vulnerable and disenfranchised… but instead they are shutting down the truth and therefore harming the very people they claim to be helping.

Their actions are hurting the Indigenous people of Australia and they are not finding any solutions to problems like domestic violence because many people are not being allowed to speak up or be heard.

We will find no answers if we deny anyone the right to take part in open debates.

The way to beat racism and domestic violence is through debate, not by shutting it down with censorship and oppression.

Please protect free speech so that everyone can have a voice without fear of being silenced or punished for their opinion.

Will you sign?