Media Statement: March 7 2024

Senator Nampijinpa Price responds to the Productivity Commission’s latest data on Closing the Gap

“While it is encouraging to see some targets are on track, it’s clear that the current approach needs to be reconsidered,” said Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians, Northern Territory Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price.

“If we want to see an improvement on outcomes across the board and real change in the quality of life for our most marginalised, we must start with an honest conversation about what is and isn’t working.

“We need a thorough audit and investigation of Indigenous organisations who claim their purpose is to close the gap, because clearly, they’re not working.

“Only by finding out what is and isn’t working, where money is being spent wisely and where it is being wasted, and focusing our efforts on need, not race, will we begin to see real change.”