Media Statement: July 4 2024



Labor has shown their true colours as they voted in favour of a Green’s motion introduced by Senator Dorinda Cox in the upper house today. The motion proposes to refer the establishment of a Truth and Justice Commission to the Joint Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs.

Senator Nampijinpa Price said that Labor’s support of the motion serves to confirm that the government does not respect the Australian people, despite Prime Minister Anthony Albanese declaring he would do just that in the wake of the failed referendum.

“It just goes to show that this government never really cared about respecting the views of the Australian people, rather they assumed Australians would go along with their ideologicallydriven agenda.”

“If they were truly acting as democratic representatives of the Australian public, the government would not have supported this motion because it is utterly inconsistent with the position expressed by the Australian people during the Voice referendum.”

“We have heard explicit confirmation of the government’s intention to continue with Makarrata, and now support for the constitution of a body which will simply divert tax-payer funds that could be used for practical measures to support Indigenous people,” Senator Nampijinpa Price said.

“If the government wants truth and justice for Indigenous people, it could start by supporting measures that actually enable Indigenous people to stand on their own two feet. They wouldn’t have abolished alcohol bans and the cashless debit card -things that actually improve the lives of our marginalised, in favour of tokenistic bodies that might sound good but achieve nothing,” said Senator Nampijinpa Price.

“Labor’s actions in the Senate today mean they can no longer hide behind ambiguity, and have to admit their true allegiance to ideology rather than the Australian people,” Senator Nampijinpa Price said.




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