You Can Help Me Put A Rocket Up ‘Em!

Together we can take on Canberra’s woke elites and bring REAL solutions to tough problems.

Are you sick and tired of the ‘same old’ when it comes to the people that we send to Canberra to represent us? Have you had enough of the woke virtue-signalling elites telling us how to run our lives?

It’s time to put a rocket up ‘em and bring REAL solutions to tough problems. Australia needs a voice for common sense in our parliament.

Sign the pledge today to show your support to bring common sense back to Canberra.

Don’t let Labor and the Greens divide us!

Australia’s radical left have turned victimhood and division into an art form.

They have perfected the politics of blame, division, outrage and cancel-culture.

Their attacks on our national traditions – like Australia Day – don’t do anything to provide REAL help to children suffering from domestic violence and abuse. Their virtue signalling isn’t doing a thing to help.

Together with your support we will…

  • Bring Aussie values back to Canberra.
  • Fight the Labor-Greens’ attacks on Australia Day.
  • Push back against cancel-culture and fight for your right to speak freely.
  • Smash the narrative the left has been spinning about race relations in Australia.
  • Call out the woke virtue-signalling elites telling you how to run your life.
  • Stand up to the extreme Labor-Greens left and their dangerous woke ideology.

We need REAL Australians fighting for REAL solutions in Canberra founded on our shared Australian values.

So please, let me know I have your support as we put a rocket up ‘em and teach these lefties a thing or two!



Jacinta Nampijinpa Price


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I’m sick of woke elites trying to tell us all how to live our lives.

We don’t need more politicians trying to weaponise race and divide our nation.

Australia needs leaders who will offer up REAL solutions to TOUGH problems.

You’ve got my support in your run for the Senate!

Go put a rocket up ‘em in Canberra!

Will you sign?