Statements by Senators: Real Solutions

Jacinta makes a statement calling for real solutions in the Senate on 6 December, 2023

This morning I had the privilege of sitting with a child sexual abuse and child and family counsellor who has dedicated her life to working with some of the most vulnerable and hurt people in our country.

She is a counsellor working in Roebourne, Western Australia—the child sex abuse capital of the country. She tells stories that would make most people in here sick. Sadly, for many of these people, living in remote and rural parts of Australia where they're often out of sight and out of mind, it is just life.

These people and these children need our help.

They've been crying out for real steps to be taken on these issues for years, but people in this place have not been listening. Instead, time here has been wasted chasing 'silver bullet' fixes and activists' dreams that never offered any real solutions.

We know what we need to do to address the issues of child sexual abuse and Indigenous disadvantage. We have the structures in place to listen to their voices and create targeted solutions, but instead we waste our time playing politics and chasing personal glory and a place in history. W

e need a royal commission into sexual abuse in Indigenous communities. We need an audit of spending on Indigenous programs, and we need to demand accountability and transparency of those charged with addressing these issues. We need to support practical policies and solutions for the lives of Indigenous Australians.

So, during this Christmas period, keep in mind that there are those who are less fortunate and who are living in dangerous circumstances.

Let's come back and stop playing these political games next year.